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Hygiene Treatment

Our aim is not just to look after your teeth but to establish and maintain good oral health in general.

Gum disease is the most prevalent disease in society today with an estimated 90% of the population effected. It can lead to unsightly swollen gums, bleeding, bad breath and eventual tooth loss. Research is also pointing to links with cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Gum disease (Periodontal Disease) is caused by your body’s reaction to the build-up of plaque and tarter on your teeth. Healthy Gums do not bleed. If you are aware of any bleeding this is usually a sign that your gums have become inflamed and that gum disease has started.

The role of our hygienist is to prevent or treat periodontal disease. This can range from routine hygiene appointments to treatment for any active disease present. The Hygienist will also advise on which oral hygiene products to use at home to help maintain a healthy mouth.

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